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Our school has a variety of activities to enrich the learning process beyond academics.

Religious Education & Celebrations

We have religious celebrations through the year at the school and at the Roman Catholic Cathedral.


Our swim program at our local swimming pool.


Our Gr. 4 Classes participate in a Phys Ed activity at our local bowling alley.

Field Trips

Local trips to learn about the history of St. Paul, and the communities around us.  


At the end of the school year some classes will take field trips to our local Swimming Pool, or the splash park at Lagasse Park. Grade one classes go to Fort George Bukingham House in Elk Point Alberta. Some of the older grades will go to the Edmonton Valley Zoo,  or the Telus World of Science.  

Walking Club

Keeping fit during morning and afternoon recess.


An activity where students play a variety of sports during the noon recess.


Ski lessons at Kinooso Ridge for our Gr. 5 Classes only.

Running Club

Our running club participates in the Wind Running Road Race in Saddle Lake.

Breakfast Program

Each day, from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m., all students have the opportunity to have toast with either jam or cheese, fruit, yogurt drinks, cheese. Hard boiled eggs and muffins may be served.

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